Help Me See

The Art of Self Healing with Meleah Rose

June 07, 2023 Bianca Morra / Meleah Rose Season 3 Episode 83
Help Me See
The Art of Self Healing with Meleah Rose
Show Notes

The parallels between the art of somatic self healing & the art of photographic practice runs deep. 

This conversation truly excited me.
"With over 6 years of experience in the mental health field, Meleah has worked with diverse populations, including those facing severe mental illness, domestic violence, suicide, and grief & bereavement. 

When she lost her job & became bedridden with chronic illnesses in 2020, she found herself feeling stuck and frustrated with traditional talk therapy modalities. Desperate for relief, she went on a journey of exploring alternative healing methods, such as breathwork, nervous system regulation, and somatic practices and found healing that she was unable to find in 7+ years of traditional talk therapy & went into remission. After completing her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2022, she decided to walk away from the conventional therapy system and follow her instinct to guide therapists and wellness leaders on their OWN transformative paths, using the same holistic and alternative healing modalities that helped transform her mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health. 

Her mission is to foster a revolution of ethical renegades who will pioneer the next wave of embodied, authentic & connected leaders to cultivate deep change and healing in the world."

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