Help Me See

When You Can't Escape a Moment: Painful Simplicity in Your Life & Craft

April 12, 2023 Bianca Morra Season 3 Episode 78
Help Me See
When You Can't Escape a Moment: Painful Simplicity in Your Life & Craft
Show Notes

*trigger warning- discussion around dog loss and the meaning of photographic work as it relates to loss.

Do you want to see what is important to you? Look at your photographs
Do you want to see what you’re afraid of? Look at your photographs
Do you want to see what’s missing? Look at your photographs
Do you find yourself searching for something that isn’t present in your current photographs? 
Look at (the absence of) your photographs
Your photographic practice is a modality for self discovery, presence, & living an intentional life.
The part of you that knows you want to take a photograph also shows up later when you are witnessing the photographs you’ve taken.
 You are accessing a higher consciousness.
The camera is a tool that invites both a neutrality & a heightened emotional response to a situation at the same time.
 It distances and also draws you in.
 You can see so much more clearly and also everything kind of blurs. 
 It’s going so high in the sky that everything seems still. 
 It’s accessing a part of you that has the ability to witness your life with the wisdom & scope of a bird’s eye view yet with the intensity of being so deeply inside of a moment that you almost forget to breath. 
 I think most of us undermine the power of this experience because it’s just too easy. It’s effortless & natural.
 How could something so profound be so simple?
 “I noticed this enough to take a photograph.”
 It’s so pure.
 you don’t need to cognitively know why you took the photo. or what it means.
 you just let yourself pause long enough to feel something.
and if you give yourself another pause at some point, I bet you would find that you actually do know what it means and why you took it.
 most of us do this every single day. take a photo.
 yet we constantly search for answers outside of ourselves when we already “wrote down” all we need to know.
 Your photos show you what you see. 
 Being aware of what you see keeps you awake to your life & gives you the power to intentionally choose more, different, or the same.

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