Help Me See

What Makes Powerful Work?

January 25, 2023 Bianca Morra Season 3 Episode 70
Help Me See
What Makes Powerful Work?
Show Notes

While I don’t believe you as the artist have to be able to articulate clearly your “why” and all of the other heavy shit that it feels almost impossible to verbalize- I believe when your soul is able to recognize the space between what you’re creating and what you’re feeling, you build an invincible trust with yourself. You gain deeper satisfaction. There is a depth to the work that feels rich with possibility.

And what if that very space between what you are creating and what you are feeling is only made possible by the allowing of your impulses in the purest sense instead of trying to correct ourselves at every turn? 

What if we took our gift of seeing others and their moments and their truth and directed our gaze back at ourselves? 

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